How We Can Help

We welcome individuals of all ages to consider our range of treatment options.

Upon your first consultation, your psychiatrist will work with you to:

  • clarify a psychiatric diagnosis
  • identify potential obstacles to recovery
  • plan realistic goals and milestones
  • recommend type and duration of therapy

Here are some common psychiatric conditions that we can support you through.

Anxiety & Depression


Symptoms include:

  • feelings of worry, fear or apprehension
  • avoiding situations that make you feel anxious
  • nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea
  • hyperventilation, shakiness, dizziness
  • fatigue, restlessness, difficulty sleeping


Symptoms include:

  • feelings of sadness and hopeless
  • preferring to withdraw from close people and activities
  • losing interest in usual enjoyable activities
  • lethargy and difficulty sleeping
  • difficulty concentrating

We offer a range of reliable and holistic treatment programs that support individuals towards sustainable recovery and prevention of further relapses.

Our programs focus on empowering individuals to discern, understand and manage their own unhelpful patterns of thinking and behaving.

Individuals are guided to process their current responses in light of their underlying values, core beliefs and past experiences. They can learn to access resources and set goals to progressively adjust to respond in more helpful ways.

We also offer a variety of treatment options including medication and therapy.


Addiction or dependence is a condition that results from the continuous engagement in an activity or consumption of a substance that is considered enjoyable, but which eventually becomes a compulsive behaviour.

As addictive behaviours may be a compulsive response to other conditions like trauma or anxiety, we emphasise treating the underlying cause behind the addiction with great sensitivity and without judgment.

Symptoms include:

  • compulsive and continued dependence on a substance or activity despite hardship
  • isolation and withdrawal from social activities
  • justifying and minimising compulsive behaviours
  • hallucinations, difficulty sleeping, seizures
  • feeling frustration, anger and emptiness

Our team of experienced specialists are here to help individuals who are struggling through the effects of addiction in their daily lives. Treatment programs at our clinic are tailored to meet individual needs.

If you are experiencing issues with addiction, we want to help you overcome their impact on your daily life.


Trauma is understood as the physical, psychological and emotional responses that a person has to a deeply distressing, threatening or disturbing event or experience from the past.

Unresolved trauma from experiences in childhood, adolescence or even adulthood can often lead to other conditions like anxiety, depression and addiction.

Symptoms include:

  • avoiding activities, places or people associated with a past event
  • intense physical or emotional reactions when reminded of the event
  • being easily startled, hypervigilance
  • losing interest in regular activities

As trauma reactions occur along a spectrum, the individual’s specific needs are first assessed, and treatment programs are tailored to respond accordingly.

If your past traumatic experiences are affecting you, we want to help you overcome their effects on your daily life.

Our experienced mental health specialists are able to support individuals in processing their past traumatic experiences in a safe, nonjudgmental and confidential space.

Individuals are supported to recognise current behaviours and beliefs related to their past trauma. They learn to develop skills in managing their thoughts, emotions and relationships.